Special cast frame

Since products are made by cast-iron frame, which is heat-treated by special techniques, they dont have the typical disadvantages of small cutting machines such as vibration and shakes.

The memory tubes

Programming processes on a computer may automate cutting processes by companies or by products as well as maximize cutting performance in the shortest time.

Digital Scale

In addition, a microcomputer operating its digital display enables workers to precisely cut materials up to 0.01mm.

Electronic Clutch Form / Hydraulic Form

The operation that a sheath works by an electronic clutch is referred to clutch-method while the operation by hydraulic unit is called hydraulic method.  

 Electronic Clutch Form

Adopting a strong electronic clutch brake system prevents blades from sliding.

Hydraulic Form

A strong hydraulic unit increases the precision of cutting measurements.

Worm Gear

Since an electronic clutch uses worm gears, it does not have any noise or shake unlike the exiting systems using helical gear or spur gear.

Air Cushion Table

Equipping air-floatation equipment on the recomposition table makes it easier handling materials and fixes paper tightly.

Hard-chrome plated table

Chromium plating on the surface plate protects the machines permanently.

control hight of knife

In case the left/right height of a blade is unbalanced, by loosing the fixation nut behind the frame, you may easily adjust the level of the blade.


Infrared light barrier safety guard

Since an infrared safety device is attached on its plate 110mm high for a workers safety, clamp and blade movement automatically stop as soon as any region of a workers body is detected by the device.

Two Hands Pushing Button

Cutting process is activated only by pressing both buttons on the front, so that the safety is additionally guaranteed.

Knife-Bar Fixing Handle

Any shake of a sheath can be easily prevented because fixing it is not difficult.

Cut-Line illuminating Indicator

Cutting line is marked by infrared, so the cutting side could be identified without clamp lowered.  

minimum area

Since the size of machine is very small, you can make maximum effect in the minimum erea.


Fly wheel is installed inside of the frame, safety and grace is improved.